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a disclaimer, which is that i only speak for the federal reserve bank of dallas. not for any other association with our great central bank. this is usually abundantly clear. [laughter] but i have to say that. in many matters we entertain opinions that are very much different than those of our esteemed colleagues. i was the fourth my sentiments freely and without reserve on the issue of too big to fail. i mean no disrespect to others to harbor different views. everyone and their sister knows that the financial institutions that are too big to fail are at the epicenter of the two thousand nine financial crisis. they are known as islands of safety. they became agents and fight -- agents and enablers of the financial tsunami. we at the dallas fed said mitt they are the key reason that the accommodative monetary policy and government policies have failed to adequately affect economic recovery. we first wrote an article about this in "the wall street journal" in 2009. put simply, sick banks do not lend. mega banks stop their lending in the capital markets' activity during the crisis of economic reco
did was turn in a triple play, first at home agast the eagles, and then in dallas, on thanksgiving no less. rgiii made his monday night debut the next week, andnd once again, with a national television audience watchining, rgiii saved his best for last. the redskins won their third straight game and were back in the hunt. >> thank you, tim. of course, once rgiii and the reredskins got back in the hunt, they made it pay off with four straight wins, the last two at philadphia and lt sunday y at home against dallas. i caught up with rgiii, one on one, to talk about the incredible playoff run. >> what wdoes ts playoff run feel like for you? you're the man everyone is talking about. >> it feels good, but it's not just about getting into the playoffs. everybody is excited and that we won the division, but we want to keep it going, keeit rolling all the way through. the timeme for celebration was over for me right after the game. it is time to move forward. >> coach said this is unprecedented. you have done things he has never seen any quarterback do before, and he has coached a couple o
with cleveland. a deal worth $56 million. and the dallas cowboys practice squad was legally sober when killed in an accident. >>> and here they go again. green bay fans turned out to help the packers get ready for saturday's playoff game against the vikings but shoveling the snow out of the seats at lambeau field. and they get paid ten bucks an hour. >> "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray never all. >>> just ahead, middle earth coming to a theme park near you. a disturbing story surrounding sarah palin's daughter bristol. >> and getting ready to tie the knot with a pretty powerful woman. you're watching "early today." > today" on this friday. heading into our first weekend of the new year. it looks pretty quiet. we do have the rain and snow out there in west texas today. maybe a few showers in florida. overall, a cold morning. it's going to be a nice afternoon really from the rockies to the east. as we go into saturday a few showers possible in minneapolis. still lingering rain right around the gulf in new orleans, and florida. looking to warm up. by
are calling a modern day wonder woman. the first one from dallas, texas. this is on january 7th. we see a car pull up, police believe a four-door mitsubishi to fashion city one, a woman's clothing store in dallas. a guy get out and breaks the glass and attaches something to the security gate outside of fashion city one. the mitsubishi pulls off and boom, there goes the security gate. >> that's a powerful mitsubishi galant. >> or a weak security gate. one or the other. either way, these two male suspects walk into the store, you see them start loading up boxes into the trunk. no word on why these two men want women's clothes. maybe they have a nighttime hobby or something. >> no, gifts. gifts for all the ladies. >> that could be it too. dallas police are looking for these two guys trying to track them down. now let's pop over to china. i said modern day wonder woman. you'll see why this video blowing up on yoku, the chinese version of youtube. 1.3 million views in seven hours. the woman on the left has a knife. person filming this said looked like she was going to cause harm to herself but who
and be loud and support us. you know, there's no reason for them to be any less excited for the dallas game, and for the dallas game they were awesome. having a good home crowd really does a lot. i think seattle is 8-0 at home. if we can get that kind of atmosphere for our game, it should mean a lot. >> they've been great throughout the year. the atmosphere last sunday when we played dallas was so electric and exciting for us, and i know exciting for this fan base. they deserve a team that wins. they deserve someone to root for, and it's good we can be at home to give them that. >> chris cooley, beyond excited for his first-ever playoff game at fedex field. he said in the playoff game at qwest field in seattle, the seahawks fans were so loud he couldn't even hear the plays being called in the huddle. so he said it's payback time. >> the loudest in the league. >> a terrible place to play. they are so happy it's at home this weekend. >>> we all are. >>> folks all around town are getting excited. tickets you know are a hot commodities. many folks are considering just how far to go to get one.
momentarily richard fisher, he is the president of the dallas fed calling for a dramatic reorganization of the banking industry. could this mean it a good bank breakup? he will be here to talk more. dallas fed president, one of the most outspoken and forward thinking members of the federal reserve just coming out with a maverick's proposal, to medically reorganize the banking industry. some see his proposal as a way to ensure we won't have more taxpayer bailouts of millionaire investors. here to talk about this proposal and the economy in general. and about the market. let's start with the news, the market had a great day today. the s&p 500 close to or at a five-year high right now. why is the market doing so well even though the economy is still kind of in a slow move? >> david, nobody can explain the day-to-day moves in the market anmatter how hard we try. the market discounts well in advance of what we mere morals are able to do for my day-to-day. other days you're not sure why. i would be hazarding a guess, i don't know why. david: a lot of people have speculated about this from the
in my life. >> this is the best i can remember in a long time. the playoffs dallas, what more can you ask for? a gorgeous girlfriend. >> they plan to get married within a year. do not be surprised if they find a redskins team for that, too. >> the cake. [laughter] today, the d.c. mayor agreed to a friendly bet over the game. the seattle mayor tweeted a bet. the kickoff is sunday at 4:30. also, join us this friday for our abc 7 special the year of rg3. we will take a look at his remarkable season. friday at 8:00. what is the weather going to be like? >> not as cold as it was for dallas. >> that is not why they lost. >> no. [laughter] outside today, it was beautiful. a few clouds came in. a nice, colorful sunset. you folks who say this is nice now, we are beginning to gain a little bit of daylight at the end of the day, indeed. almost 5:00. in three weeks, it is almost 5:30. winter is not quite over. we are heading into the next two weeks. the coldest time here in washington on average. 25 degrees. outdoor recess? i think so for the tough youngsters. not much in the way of wind. look at
. >> and glad you were focusing on alfred morris. rgiii is having a great year. >> at dallas game, you have to credit alfred morris. alfred morris is an inspiration to every kid played football not only because he is good, he defies expectations. the sixth round pick broke the redskins franchise record for rushing in a single season. he was a deciding factor in the nfc east victory over dallas, running for 200 yards, three touchdowns. strong runner, but the vintage 1980's running back. how does he stack up against seattle? he is 20 shorter rushed for 100 more yards and clearly it is a close match up. but morris is not allowing it affect his game. >> all the big games, i do not add any pressure. i'd just come in that game day regardless of the stage, i don't get caught up in the hype. i don't like the pressure get to me. i just do what i have been doing since i was 5 years old, and i just go out there and play and have fun. >> and reminder to watch at 8:00, right here on abc 7, an in-depth look at robert griffin iii, with teammates. "the year of rgiii." maryland men's basketball is on a 12-g
, san antonio and houston airports there. the dallas area already picked up about 2 1/2 inches of rain. a half inch in houston, san antonio a good deal of rain. texas has been in and out of the drought the last couple of years so they can use this rainfall. we'll deal with it, just a lot of soaking rain spreading into arkansas and louisiana. the forecast, we have the cool temperatures this morning in new england and the northern plains, even you will warm up this afternoon. a beautiful day, d.c. to new york. as i mentioned, a few more clouds out there. it looks like the rain will spread across the country. behind it, there's no cold air. it won't be until the weekend that we see that happening. >> thank you very much. >>> what's holding up tax returns? the debt ceiling fix that fits in your pocket, and the new year's dish that will break the bank. and could your favorite drink be making you feel lousy? you're watching "first look." my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won
in the centerpiece of this book, the assassination of president kennedy during a motorcade in dallas on nov. 20 second, 1963. lyndon johnson wass connally, once the sweetheart johnson's car is in that motorcade. thousands of books have been written about the assassination but they concentrate on what happens to jack kennedy. not one went into detail in what i consider an adequate way, not one of them went into substantial detail about what was happening to lyndon johnson. what was happening from his point of view. assassination had never been told from johnson's point of view. i said we have to do that. how do you do that? first, you interviewed the people who are still alive. john connolly himself was very helpful to me. he had a great ranch in south texas with a stable of quarter horses, used to come to the guest house where i would stay very early in the morning, 5:30 or 6:00 and we would go and sit on the top railing of the fence watching the mexicans exercise the quarter horses and he would tell me about -- he answered almost every question that i asked about anything in johnson's career b
. there's no reason they'd be any less excited than they were for the dallas game. for the dallas game, they were awesome. having a good home crowd really does a lot. i think seattle is 8-0 at home. if we can get that kind of atmosphere for our game, it should mean a lot. >> they've been great throughout the year. the atmosphere last sunday when we played dallas was so electric and so exciting for us. i know kpating for this fan base. they deserve a team that wins. they deserve something to be -- someone to root for. it's good that we can be at home to give them that. >> chris cooley, beyond excited for his first ever playoff game at fedex field. he said in '07, the seahawk fans were so loud he couldn't even hear the plays being called in the huddle. sounds like a challenge. now it's pay back time. >> oh, boy. pay back. thanks, carol. sunday's showdown has been the talk of the town since the redskins' decisive win over the cowboys last weekend. today the chatter and excitement is reaching a whole new level. news 4's derek ward continues our team coverage. he's at the tasty diner in sil
, there's no reason they would be any less excited than they were for the dallas game. for the dallas game, they were awesome. having a good home crowd really does a lot. i think seattle is 8-0 at home. you know, if we can get that kind of atmosphere for our game, it should mean a lot. >> they been great throughout the year. the atmosphere last sunday when we played dallas was so electric and exciting for us. and i know exciting for this fan base. they deserve a team that wins. they deserve someone to root for. it's good we can be at home to give them that. >> chris cooley, beyond excited for his first ever playoff game at fedex field. he said in '07, the seahawk fans were so loud he couldn't even hear the plays being called in the huddle. sounds like a challenge. now it's pay back time. >> sure is. thanks. >>> when fans head to the stadium tomorrow, they'll likely get a show by two of the most electrifying quarterbacks in the le league. they both happen to be rookies. here's more on the phenom rookies. >> this sunday showdown between the skins and seahawks will likely come down to the per
and ceo of the federal reserve bank of dallas. richard fisher. he's speaking to the committee of the republic to downsize institutions that are too big to fail. it's just getting started. >> most of the ancestors were prominent colonial virginians during the period of the colonies, but we're mostly anticrown and so i asked john why is it that patrick henry was the most outspoken, and his answer was incredibly candid. richard, it's because he was poor. well, however poor he was, patrick henry was a rich order, and one of the greatest speeches, he said, eni quote, different men often see the same subject in different light, and, this afternoon, i hope it's not thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if entertaining as a do a character very opposite of theirs. i speak forth sentiments freely and without reserve, and he concluded, this is no time for ceremony. it's one awful moment for our country. patrick hep reimbursement was addressing the repression of the american colonies by the british crown, and tonight, i wish to speak to a different kind of repression, the injustice of
yankees player nick swisher signed with cleveland. a deal worth $56 million. >> an autopsy found dallas cowboys practice squad player was legally sober when he killed a teammate in an accident. >>> and here they go again. green bay fans turned out to help the packers get ready for saturday's playoff game against the vikings by shoveling the snow out of the seats at lambeau field. and they get paid ten bucks an hour. >> "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray never all. >>> just ahead, middle earth coming to a theme park near you. a disturbing story surrounding sarah palin's daughter bristol. and "star wars" creator george lucas gets ready to tie the knot with a pretty powerful woman. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this friday morning. so we'll end our tranquil weather pattern here in the west as we go through the weekend. not for today. today looks fine. increasing clouds from portland southward in central and northern california. sunshine lower down there in the southwest. no problem. as we take you through the weekend we introd
tossing an 80-year-old woman to the ground as she rips her purse away. dallas police released the video of the december robbery hoping for leads on the suspect. more than $200 was stolen from that victim. >>> a new jersey man's climb to the top of a hurricane-battered sandy roller roaster, hoping to shine a spotlight on recovery efforts. he unfurled a flag. police arrested him as soon as he came down. >> in sports we start with lance armstrong. he'll talk with oprah winfrey about his allegations using performance-enhancing drugs. the "new york times" reported he is considering admitting the use of drugs but his attorney denies that. the doping charges led to him being stripped of his seven tour de france titles. in the nba lakers point guard steve nash reached a new milestone, 10,000 assists and still counting. nash is only the fifth nba player to do that. congratulations to you. >>> a tale of two cities and twin brothers as rob ryan was fired as defensive coordinator of the dallas cowboys. in new york the jets announce md his twin brother rex ryan will keep his job as head coach. ryan
flaw. charles hadlock, nbc news, dallas. >>> this year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy. last night in dallas, jfk's nephew robert f. kennedy jr. spoke out about the assassination. kennedy said like his father, he questioned the warren commission report which concluded that lee harvey oswald was the lone gunman. he said he believed the evidence is very, very convincing that oswald did not act alone. >>> up next here tonight, when getting married can make a difference to others in need. >>> saturday, of course, is a popular wedding day. and tonight how a wedding can make a big difference not just to those getting married, but to folks who need help. nbc's diana alvear explains in tonight's "making a difference" report. >> reporter: after the champagne, the cake and the vows -- >> you may now kiss your bride. >> reporter: -- comes a check made out to a good cause. that's what you get when mary melfy officiates a wedding. instead of getting paid, the county clerk asks the happy couple to donate what they can to safe and hunterdon, a group that helps victi
morning america." >>> a major surprise overnight for residents around dallas. a rare earthquake shook the region. the magnitude 3.0 quake struck in the city of irving, just a few miles from dallas ft. worth international airport. no significant damage is being reported. two similar-sized quakes rattled the same region last september. >>> one last public appearance by hillary clinton as secretary of state. it's not likely to be a pleasant one. clinton will be on the hot seat. over the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. with a preview, here's abc news' martha raddatz. >> reporter: she faces what could be a brutal day. the long-postponed hearing on benghazi and the pent-up frustration of some prominent senators. >> we want to know what she was doing. did she give any orders? >> reporter: the outrage on capitol hill already cost susan rice a shot at being clinton's replacement for saying five days after the attack, it began with spontaneous protests. clinton will likely be asked about those statements. there will be more specifics the committee will want to know. why wasn't the
. it was 80 degrees all the way up to dallas at the end of january. at the same time the cold air was coming back in behind this. that's the ingredients for a severe weather outbreak like you see in march. that's what happened last night. it continue this morning. we had over 200 reports of severe weather and these blue dots is where we had wind damage reports. this is continuing through kentucky, tennessee and the deep south. some tornado watches out there. anyone traveling to the east coast, major airport delays are expected in atlanta later this morning and eventually this ann right up in the big cities of the northeast. as far as the west coast pretty quiet. high pressure slowly trying to build in. still kind of the clouds and moisture falling in here to the northwest and the jet stream and will continue with showers and a little bit of elevation snow. not at that lot. i-5 north of portland biggest concentration of some of those showers and light rain. the forecast today, a few chances of showers and wet weather. not too bad in the northwest. beautiful sunshine, little bit on the chilly
the ingredients for a severe weather outbreak. through the morning, oklahoma city to tulsa down to dallas, we watch the storms popping up there. later on this afternoon and tonight, they head through this area of red. a chance of tornadoes. most of these storms will be after dark. you don't know the tornado is on top of you until you hear it. pine bluff to northern louisiana, a deadly situation. if you have friends and family that live there, make sure they are aware of the dangers there. all of our friends, mississippi, alabama, georgia through the carolinas, you shouldn't have many tornadoes to deal with but strong storms and gusty winds that could fall anywhere. the forecast today, much warmer. east coast you are fine today. the danger area is through the midwest, especially oklahoma, arkansas, southern missouri and louisiana. can't believe we are talking a possible tornadoout break in the heart of winter. >>> bad weather over the weekend for the farmers open to be pushed to yesterday. tiger woods had a six-stroke lead to the final 11 hole at torrey pines. it wasn't good early going. slice
begins to progress, the lighter areas of to oklahoma city, dallas is where the storms will form later this morning and then they'll sweep through arkansas especially late this afternoon to this evening. this area in red, a moderate risk of severe storms. that's a possibility of tornados, jonesville, to memphis. to pine bluff, all of missouri, you're the greatest areas of concern. make sure you have the radios on tonight when you go to bed because those storms are going to roll through when you're all sleeping. you get the picture, a dangerous next 48 hours. that's a look at your national forecast. now, here's a look at weather outside your window. >> so those thunderstorms could make it even as far north as chicago. chicago could be 63 degrees in january. just to show you how unusual this storm system is. that would easily be a record high there. now, look at memphis, 75, before those storms arrive. >> it literally is a mid to late march type day. >> wow, and it was so cold last week all over the country. >> and it's going to get really cold behind this. >>> straight ahead on tuesday
last night. >> and j. r., fans dallas back on the small screen. those stories and more in today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: the biggest names in hollywood turned out for the screen actors guild awards. daniel day lewis took him best actor for lincoln. jennifer lawrence won best actress and the actors from argo were named best cast in a motion picture. >> this has to do with the incredible people in the movie. >> outstanding ensemble for a drama series went to downpourton abby. -- downton abby. >>> singer tina turner is becoming a swiss citizen. local authorities granted her request but it is not final yet. >>> warner brothers is rolling out its biggest home viewing collection ever for its nightth birthday. the 100 films on dvd and on blu-ray ranging from gone with the wind and goodfellas and more. >>> interviews from clint eastwood, morgan freeman, viewers can take a virtual tour of the studio. season two of dallas returns to television tonight with some of larry hagman's last scenes. the actor died of cancer in november. hagman will appear in at least five episodes. his deat
for dallas, this is early in the season. this is ravens country in this small corner. now if we can move ahead to superbowl sunday, that's coming up, you see things are pretty much split up. a lot of the west coast, all of these people are going for the 49ers but if you look over here, these are ravens people, you see, west coast, a them going for the 49ers. you move to the next map, this is the cool feature, they've taken a look at which people who your friends on facebook are typical to root for. baltimore,believe it or not, some of our closest friends on facebook are the steelers fans and then washington, and then dallas, philadelphia, eagles and then new england so it's a cool thing. we're going to put a link to this website on our website at the end of the show. when we come back, we're going to let you be the judge, taco bell has an interesting but controversial ad coming out. first, here's lauren cook looking at the time saver traffic report tonight. >> 1 emergency road work is underway on the outest west corner of i 695. they won'treopen until 5:00 in the morning. they'll also be
in place. dr. dallas dance says they are considering enhanced security options that orderings are using like -- other districts are using like badges for all staff and students as well as cameras and a buzz in policy at the doors. in howard county the superintendent there dr. foo is looking at security upgrades for their schools. her team looked at potential problems in the system identifying at least two schools that will need physical changes. now she says newtown is an important reason to update safety plans and procedures. now i talked to baltimore county police officers and they talked to me a little bit about the patrols and they will continue until further notice. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> it's back to school today for students and staff at beats middle school in annapolis. this after a fire and explosion in the boiler room. the entire school was evacuated yesterday afternoon. two people were hurt and rushed to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. school officials say air tests and other inspections have been completed and it's safe for
and her death right now is under investigation. the airline says that the flight to dallas was diverted to houston because of the sick passenger. it did not share any details about the illness but said efforts were made on board to save that woman's life. >>> maybe just a sign of the season but this morning, there is another incident of something falling through the pond. >> this time it's not a person. it's a puppy. we're going to show you how firefighters rescued this little guy from the icy waters. >> who hasn't been annoyed by robo calls? now, you have a chance to do something about it. you're going to see how your government is taking your input on this growing problem. >>> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. we seem to be seeing a lot of these lately. another dramatic rescue on the frozen pond? it's all caught on camera. >> this time not a human needing help. it's a dog. the puppy fell through a partially frozen water in missouri. one firefighter strapped on waders and walked into the pond with a basket. he eventually coaxed the dog to come to him and then pulled th
lately. the wizards were at work. another dallas showdown in dc. another big day for one local quarterback. >> tonight, we have done that thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress. i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and had a severe impact on families across america. i want to thank all of the leaders of the house and the senate. in particular, i want to thank the work was done by my extraordinary vice president, joe biden, as well as leader harry reid, speaker boehner nancy pelosi, and mitch mcconnell. everybody worked very hard on this. i appreciate it. once again, i want to thank you for your great work. under this law more than 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up. millions of families will continue to receive tax breaks to help raise their kids and send them to college. companies will continue to receive tax credits for the resources that they use, the investments that they make, an
level and finish out the season strong and on top and give dallas -- against dallas, no other feeling like it. now we got a home playoff game. got to get ready for seattle. >> the sea hawks are coming to fedex field sunday and coming in on a hot streak of their own winning their last five games. this team is very similar to the redskins. led by the dynamic rookie quarterback. russell wilson has thrown for 26 touch downes on the season just as effective with his legs too rushing for close to 500 yards and four scores. as peat carroll and mike shanahan look ahead some of their colleagues weren't so lucky today. it's black monday around the nfl. they call it that because usually today head coaches loss their jobs. after five nfc championship appearances andy reid has been let go by the philadelphia eagles. san diego has fired former redskins head coach foreinorthe turner. lovie smith is out in chicago. chan gailey was canned up in buffalo axed after three seasons. not a good day. >> no. >> the guys work 22-hour days. >> you come back from a 3-6 and where we are now no risk of that in was
right through inauguration day on c-span3. >> federal reserve bank of dallas president and ceo richard fisher yesterday spoke about the need to downsize financial institutions that are deemed too big to fail and the importance of reestablishing traditional banking practices. he also said the recently-passed dodd-frank financial regulations were too confusing confusing ann simplified. mr. fisher spoke for about 50 minutes at the national press club here in washington. [applause] >> one to have more unusual introductions i've received, but much spreerkted, and -- appreciated, and it's an honor to be introduced by my classmate, john henry. john, as i think many people know, is a descendant of patrick henry. most of john's ancestors were prominent colonial virginians during the period of the colonies but were mostly anti-crown. so i asked john why is it that patrick henry was the most outspoken? and his answer was incredibly candid. richard, it's because he was poor. [laughter] well, however poor he may have been, patrick henry was a very rich order, and in one of -- orrer the, and in one
's going to be very difficult to me to imagine how this dallas box is going to create shadow on - new shadow on this jazz building. the rest of the air is going - is the staircase but it's existing. so if you have any question i'll be modern happy to answer >> thank you. speakers in support of the sponsors? >> hi. i'm a neighbor i'm in support of these two people. it's a lovely home they'd like to make it more but have. they've been trying to make changes. as their neighbors at 299 lake street we'd welcome the improvements. these two people have turned their former home into thrift house they're very active on our street and they come in transcribe to our neighborhood. please let my friends get on with they're living. >> thank you any additional speakers. sponsor you have a two minute rebuttal >> all i have to summarize is the points in that i believe those requests are reasonable. cut down a one hundred and 5 square feet and that would be very reasonable. that's all i have to say. >> thank you and i would like to add that the floor that was approved by this commission was - in
but maybe this will help. if you do happen to look like a greek statue, a gym in dallas is not the place for you because you have to be at least 50 pounds overweight to join the thing. the owner of the gym chain called down sized fitness says he wants his members to feel comfortable while exercising. so, there are no mirrors inside. the windows are all fogged up. and even the equipment is designed for biggens. the owner came up with the idea he was overweight his whole life and was often embarrassed to go to the gym. just as is casey stegall who is is live in the gym in dallas. hello, casey? >> hey, shepard, yeah. this concept so popular, in fact, they not only have this location in dallas but one up in chicago as well. plans to expand into other american cities later this year. collectively group as a whole in dallas lost more than 800 pounds citizens this place opened in september. before you can even sign up, you have got to could consultation to ensure you are 50 pounds overweight based on your body fat index. it's different for women and men. the monthly membership fee comparable to
everybody wants to that dallas loss. the seahawks are led by another of the year candidate. it is the first season in nfl rookie that three in thebacks are playoffs. the redskins lost to seattle in last in 2005 and 2007. prudential be on their minds come sunday. -- revenge will be on their minds come sunday. this is jordan rogers, look at the catch. was ruled incomplete, but after a second look, i see it. vendor built beats nc state. -- a vendor built -- vanderbilt beats nc states. he is only 37 away from beating for the most wins. the nhl is in the process of reviewing the players' latest counterproposal. meetings are scheduled to resume tomorrow. is engaged. >> a [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeÑos or crisp green peppers.
louisiana and new oren leans. take a lookal dallas and austin. shadeings of yellow, orange even red those are very heavy rainfall rates. you are looking at dangerous conditions on the road throughout the morning hours. 4 inches of rain flash flood ago concern across the state of louisiana, arkansas and eastern texas ov the next couple days. >>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. you can't wait for the tax refund? you have to wait longer than usual thanks to congress. lauren simonetti joins us to explain all of this. how much longer? >> a little bit. the irs will begin processing individual tax returns at the end of the month 8 days later than usual. the agency had to wait for a deal on the if he is cal cliff befo -- fiscal cliff before programming computers and printing the forms. if you have a relatively easy tax reform you can file january 30th. the deadline is still april 15th. that does not get pushed back. most tile pers will g-- filers get theirs fairly soon. >> amazon the world's largest on-line retailer you didn't think it could get any bigger but it is expanding. >> rig
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bank of dallas richard fisher. [applause] >> one of the most unusual introductions i have received that much appreciated and it's an honor to be introduced by my class late -- classmate john henry. john is the -- most of john's ancestors were prominent virginians during the period of the colonies but were mostly anti-crown so i asked asked john why is at it that patrick henry was the most outspoken? and his answer was incredibly -- richard it's because he was for. however poor he may have been patrick henry was a very rich warrior and one of his greatest features he said in the quote different and often see the same subject in different lights and therefore i hope it will not be disrespectful to those gentlemen if entertaining opinions of a character opposite to theirs and i shall speak forth my time is freely and without reserve. this is no time for ceremony. it's an awful moment for our country. patrick henry was addressing the repression of the american colonies by the british crown and tonight i wish to speak to a different kind of repression, the injustice of being held ho
came from dallas. >> from dallas. >> why did you come? >> to see history. i for the second term i wanted to see. >> your first inauguration. >> correct. >> this is my wife's second naug rag. we're both excited. >> what is your plan? you're here early. >> we came with a contingency plan. take naps, watch history unfold, go to the parade and finally get sleep, hopefully. >> you guys came prepared. you have the hand warmers, the toe warmers. >> yes. >> what do you think of this weather. you're from dallas. this is not what you do. >> we're much better in 100-degree weather. we'll do 40 degrees today. we came with hand warmers, earmuffs. i don't know what we'll do with the cool clothes when we get home. >> what have you encountered in terms much security, anything yet in. >> been pretty okay. i haven't seen anything irate. been walking smoothly. no security pretty much. lot of police. seems military. so yes. >> different. >> you were expecting that. >> yes, ma'am, i was. >> i know you have to rejoin your friends. stay warm. have a great time. >> we're starting to see a lot of police m
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for the assassination in dallas. who did he blame? >>> also coming up. a brother and sister separated as children 65 years ago. how a tech-savvy 7-year-old got them back together again. >>> and puppy power. one of the cutest things you will ever see. the puppy going down the stairs. who comes to his rescue? it's "fixation" coming up. ♪ you signed up weeks ago ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup capella university understands nurses are dealing with a than wider range of issues.kin' up and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno ha
. this is the scene frisco, texas, just to the north of dallas. according to our local station there. crews were installing a new pipeline and the trench collapsed. a man trapped inside. officials tell local media he died. more on this as it comes in. this will be the year congress finally gets it done. that's what one senator is saying about a new bipartisan push for immigration reform. 8 republicans, 8 democrats, say they have agreed on a plan that includes, actually four and four. agreed on a plan of the controversial so-called path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. only after the feds improved border security. and the tracking of people here on visas. president obama set to talk about immigration reform tomorrow in las vegas. and the white house says this senate plan is a big deal. >> the president believes it's very important that we move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. it's the right thing to do for the country, for our economy. it's the right thing to do out of fairness to the middle class. to make sure that everyone plays by the same set of rules. >> but rep
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. pittsburgh steelers and dallas cowboys. new york giants and new orleans saints or minnesota vikings and atlanta falcons? . >> the cowboys. >> yeah! no, she's right. she's right. it is pittsburgh steelers and dallas cowboys, isn't it? >> the name of the team she's heard of. >> pittsburgh's won the most, six, and dallas has won the next most, well, they won five. just go to the next one. >> another lady from pennsylvania. how much are super bowl commercials being sold for this year? $500,000, $1.5 million, $3 million, $4 million? >> we'll go for the big bucks. $4 million. >> you are smart as pretty. yes, you are. >> $4 million, is that for a 30-second ad? >> most people are talking at a party and don't get to hear the commercial anyway. >> they are showing them all before the game. >> is that smart? >> i don't know, i like to be surprised. >> len he we love you. we love you. thanks for coming on. kathie is going to come back across the street. life is still a cabaret. 40 years later, we're going to talk to the famous, liza minnelli, legendary cast of music musical right after this. ha
than you did against dallas. does that make sense? maybe not. for me it was three layers, now i'm going to two. seahawks against the skins, looking good. a lot of people will be out tailgating. 45 degrees at gametime, mostly sunny. i think we're looking at a great day, especially for the tail gp gaters getting out there early. for gametime, i think we'll be looking pretty good, too. the wind won't be a factor and really weather should not be much of a factor during the game on sunday. now, if it's played tonight action wind and cold would be a factor. look at the with which. many of you already into the 20s with the windchill. 26 at gaithersburg. windchill is going way down by early tomorrow morning. >>> thanks, doug. breaking news now. the d.c. court of appeals has just tossed out the conviction of a man accused of beating up and robbing an 83-year-old woman. surveillance video showed the beating back in may of 2005. the guy's name is james dorsey. he confessed to the crime more than six years ago, but later he recanted his confession. he said it came after he had asked for a lawyer. t
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